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About Us

More than a Distributor of Marbles, Granites, Quartz, Porcelain and Machineries, Stone Link is a work philosophy. The company came to serve you and be a part in the development of our community. Our goal is to be a link between you and the best products, technology, and innovation available in the natural stone and surface market. No matter the size of your project, a small kitchen or a large commercial building, we are here to serve you with quality and professionalism. Stone Link is here to be your trusted connection between the best possible products, services, technology, and innovation in the stone industry. Our main work philosophy is: to serve you with the best we have to offer.


Who we are

Stone Link is the result of the combined expertise of four individuals that joined their knowledge to create a business to add more value and service to the Granite Industry. These 4 specialists have combined their knowledge and experience in international granite trade, granite marketing, entrepreneurship and financial strategy, logistics and shipping processes to service the U.S. Midwest. From their combined experience is born Stone Link. Our management team has 40+ years of combined knowledge of stone and the stone industry. We add to that 50+ years of experience in business and workforce management.


Our mission

Our mission is to serve with honesty and loyalty, bringing truth and transparency as a basis in our relationships. The satisfaction of every client is one of our highest standards in quality of material and customer service. For that reason, Stonelink has strong commitment and diving force to give client satisfaction.


Environmental Responsibility

Stone Link carefully chooses its suppliers based on a series of requirements, from the quality of their production processes to the final product detailing. One of the main requirements we have is to ensure they are providing a safe work environment for their employees and complying with the strict local environmental regulations for water recycling, soil erosion prevention, and remediation of the land when the quarrying process is completed.


Our Impact

Stone Link is a company, which has the support of first-class suppliers of Granite, Quartz, Marbles from all over the world with the capacity to supply from small to large-scale projects through its partnerships with quarry owners and processors. Stone Link is here to serve you, with knowledge, ability and honesty, which are the principles of our business.

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